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The place to post a selfie, shelfie, or photograph of your favourite CeraVe products!
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Fresh Face
I love it 🥰
Right after washing your face, there is a wonderful feeling of refreshment. The gel cleanses pores very well and regulates sebum. 
Moisturised Master
All these samples arrived for me in the post today 😀 #unboxing
Nourished Novice
Multipurpose balm providing instant relief for dry chapped skin.
I got the opportunity to test this product ❤️. I tried this ointment for a few weeks to see of it would benefit my dehydrated, super dry cracked lips and hands. These two areas are my main concern. The first time I used the ointment I found the ointment to be lightweight and smooth in texture. I applied at night for it to be able to penetrate my skin on my very chapped dry hands and lips. I constantly wash my hands especially at work and use alot of antibacterial hand-gel/wash as part of my work practice and this exacerbates the problem. The ointment applies well and I found that a little goes a long way which is a bonus as the tube seems to last forever even after weeks of use. I also apply a later on my lips which are forever chapped especially in the winter. When I wake up I find the ointment has penetrated so well and my lips and hands feel hydrated and plump. The skin actually looks healthier due to it being hydrated and gave me relief from the very chapped cracked skin. The ointment contains hyaluronic acid and ceramides which is all the rage at the moment and rightly so as these ingredients restore the skin barrier and that is exactly what I needed. I love the fact that the product is so versatile as I have even tried it on dry patches on my leg and also my elbows and knees which often get neglected in my skincare.I definitely recommend this product and have purchased another tube to keep in my handbag so it’s always handy.
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I need to
Moisturised Master
My all time favourite 🙌🏻
Moisturised Master
Moisturised Master
#spottedinstore at Boots - Brent Cross Shopping Centre 💙 absolutely my favourite cleanser
Skin Scholar
Good morning x
Good morning x
Skin Scholar
My hand and foot creams (dry skin)
I have very dry skin and finding this products making my skin soft and I use them to prevent the dryness now. I am using both of this product every day! I apply hand cream few times during the day and the foot cream before bed! These products really help my dry skin I couldn't live without them!!