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Cold weather always makes skin dull and dry and mine cracks so much throughout the winter, so here are the few things i do to maintain hydration to prevent dry skin and nourish your skin barrier! 1. using a thicker moisturiser in the winter, thicker creams help keep the moisture in your skin as the air in winter is much more drier so thicker creams help prevent this dryness! 2. Using a face oil, helps lock in the moisture in skin keeping it nourished throughout! I personally like to use a face oil at night after all my skincare steps so that all hydration is locked in and keeps it moisturised. 3. Vitamin C serum or cream!! Rare sun in winter means our skin can get quite dull so vitamin C helps brighten the skin and leaves it glowing. Another honourable mention is SPF, canโ€™t begin to explain how important it is and it also helps with preventing dullness in our skin. 4. A good hydrating face wash that cleanses your skin. 5. Not a skincare step but drinking more water!! In the summer itโ€™s easier to drink the enough water we need from heat whereas in winter some of us forget (guilty), always carrying a water bottle around to make sure you drink enough throughout the day is essential, and helps our skin stay hydrated!!
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