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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Fresh Face
I always consider a night time routine , and every 3 days non harsh scrub , prevents blackheads and firms skin
Fresh Face
i use a facial scrub for my blemishes that specifically says it targets blemishes. this is from the st ives range and have found it works really well. salicylic acid is an ingredient to look out for as well in a cleanser as this targets anything too do with acne, blemishes and blackheads, even preventing them from appearing.
I consider the night cleanser routine mandatory! Even if I just want to sleep, my face needs to be clean and moisturised before I go to bed.
Clean skin!
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Fresh Face
I have used a peeling mask for ages to remove my blackheads but it always comeback worse, salicylic acid day and night helped me alot with blackheads ,they are way less now .Also a good always helps
Mrs A
Moisturised Master
To keep my skin blemish free I use Cerave Blemish Control Cleanser
Moisturised Master
💧leaves my face clean and refreshed. The delicate formula eliminates dirt, deebly cleanses, hydrates, and brightens, for a more even & glowing skin. ✨️Increase brightens, boost glow, and enhance skin's radiance. ✨️ 💖 Reclaim your youthful radiance and experience the joy of a health complexion.
My late Mum taught me about skincare from a young age. I used to love watching her, in the bathroom, washing and cleansing and exfoliating, then at her dressing table applying lotions and potions, before applying her make up. My Mum taught me that that finding the right products that work for you - like CeraVe is key! Then getting the right skincare regime and sticking to it, through thick and thin. Water is also hugely important 'inside and out!' Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. And one thing that my Mum always said to me is - if you have a pimple, a spot or any imperfection - DON'T TOUCH! Not only do you draw attention to it, but you generally cause inflammation, attract dirt and can cause further infection. or can spread and cause more spots/pimples. So simply - don't touch. Leave well alone (other than care for it and treat it with the right products), just do what's necessary, then leave it to heal. Without being 'touchy, touchy, feely, feely' you'll find it will clear up far quicker!
Touchy, Touchy, Feely, Feely
After cleansing i like to use a AHA, BHA and PHA toner to help even out skin tone and to clear pores and minimise them too. Game changer. Also keeping skin hydrated with sheet masks and constantly spraying skin to keep hydrated during the day really helps to keep the pores clear and blackhead free