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Do you need skincare advice? Our CeraVe Skin Experts are here to help! Whether you consider yourself a skincare newbie or feel you’re fairly clued up, no question is too big or small.

Elizabeth [See profile]
Skin Type: Dehydrated
Skin Concern: Ageing & Pigmentation
Favourite Product:

Jade [See profile]
Skin Type: Dry
Skin Concern: Ageing
Favourite Product: AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 50

Emily [See profile]
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concern: Dehydration
Favourite Product: Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser

We also have contributing Skin Experts, Kasey, May and Amna who can support. Please note, our Skin Experts are not a medical professionals therefore this advice cannot replace the advice of your GP, dermatologist or medical professional. If you have any concerns or have any skin conditions or are pregnant, please seek advice from your GP, dermatologist or healthcare professional.
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Skin Scholar
10/22/23-14:46 (edited)
Still getting a little dry skin at the bridge of my nose and eye lids .What’s best to use x
Moisturised Master
Can you use to retinol resurfacing serum with the blemish control gel in the PM?
Moisturised Master
What in your opinion is the best cleanser for eczema prone skin? Thank you ❤️
Skin Scholar
Do I have to have a Tik Tok account to be able to apply to test products as i don’t have one so it’s not letting me apply to test a product
I recently got a job in fast food and part of my uniform is to wear a hat in the hot kitchen so I tend to sweat alot. Because of this I’ve been breaking out on my forehead and the internet is telling me it’s closed comodones. So far I’m using the cereve blemish control cleanser which has worked amazingly for the acne on my cheeks but isn’t quite tackling my forehead. Do you have any recommendations on what I should use to help tackle this? I have combination skin I think.
Fresh Face
Pimples are my worst nightmare.
ava p
Moisturised Master
i have dry skin that’s prone to blemishes, what’s the best product to use please? thanks 😊
Moisturised Master
I have sensitive dry/normal skin(i think), what do you recommend for daily use?