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Emily @ CeraVe
Skin Expert
02/28/24-14:39 (edited)

How well do you know CERAVE?

Hi everyone, quick question. Do you know what all of these products have in common?

They contain CERAMIDES.

CERAmides + mVE technology = CERAVE

Since the beginning, we have been using 3 Essential Ceramides within our product formula. This trio of ceramides - 1, 3 and 6-II help to hydrate the skin and lock in moisture. Developed with Dermatologists, the unique formulation helps to strengthen the skinโ€™s natural protective barrier against environmental aggressors (pollution etc) and prevent dryness/dehydration within the skin.

CeraVe products also have MultiVescular Emulsion (MVE) Technology. This is a delivery system which has been designed to help release the ceramide formula over an extended period of time, which ensures lasting hydration and barrier support all day long! This system allows for steady, controlled absorption of the product ingredients.

At CeraVe, we work with dermatologists to develop our products and have done this since the brand was founded in 2005.
Dermatologists insights into skin health and their understanding of common skin concerns have been essential and it is a deep, ongoing partnership which ensures every CeraVe product is created with professional knowledge behind it.

So, rest assured, if you are looking for a cleanser, serum or moisturiser (whether it is for the face or body) know that CeraVeโ€™s products are here to protect, strengthen and hydrate the skin and they are backed by science.

Emily ๐Ÿ’™

How well do you know CERAVE?
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