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Olivia @ CeraVe
10/11/23-13:39 (edited)

New Challenges for Touchdown! Destination Dermatological Beauty! ✈️

Grab your Skin Passport and let’s go! We have touched down at Destination Dermatological Beauty, our exclusive event for community members!

We are taking all community members, both online and in-person attendees, on an immersive journey to learn more about your skin. We have launched exclusive challenges and activities for you to complete.


Hydrating Cleanser Product Test: If you can’t make it to our Duty Free, we’re offering you the chance to test our Hydrating Cleanser, at home!* Apply here.

Unlock your underlying Skin Type & understand which CeraVe Cleanser(s) are right for your skin and skin concerns! Head to the CeraVe Routine Finder to discover.

Attend ‘Skincare through the Ages: Dr Mansouri & Dr Sommerlad’, live from Destination Dermatological Beauty. Expect to hear their top skincare tips, tricks, and advice, see live product demonstrations, and much more. Got a burning skincare question? Comment your question below for Dr Mansouri & Dr Sommerlad - no question is a silly question!

At Destination Dermatological Beauty, we’re keen to hear what our community members think. If you’re unable to attend, let us know your favourite part of Me + CeraVe and share it on Instagram!

In Person:

We’d love to see the snaps you’ve taken at Destination Dermatological Beauty! Please share in ‘CeraVe Snaps’ and make sure to tag with ‘Destination Dermatological Beauty’.

If you share on Social Media, please tag us at @ceraveuki and include #MeAndCeraVe

Explore all Destination Dermatolgoical Beauty challenges and get started here.

Olivia from CeraVe 💙

New Challenges for Touchdown! Destination Dermatological Beauty! ✈️