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Blemish control gel Review

Blemish control gel Review

Review The gel is housed in a soft plastic tube with a small thin nozzle to distribute the gel. I found it really easy to use as it distributes small amounts which makes it ideal if used on targeted areas. I found there was no scent to the gel which is quite ideal when using as part of an evening routine. I used the gel to target blemishes and blackheads as well as to improve my large pores. The gel is a beautiful lightweight texture and a perfect consistency to apply and distribute as I used all over my face to target blackheads, pores and blemishes. It was easy to incorporate into my routine and I could see a visible difference and feel a difference after 4 days of using in my morning and evening routine.I didn't have a blemish in sight, I could see and feel my pores were improving, and blackheads are lessened. I have combination dry/oily skin and I didn't experience any negative effects of using this blemish control gel. However, I do apply SPF daily. I consider myself extremely lucky to have encountered this blemish control gel which I will maintain within my skincare routine. I have included before and after photos. I am not wearing any foundation in the after photo, only lipstick and mascara.
Blemish Control Gel