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My favourite all over moisturiser

My favourite all over moisturiser

Great for all over hydration this lotion is a great consistency.For dry to very dry skin for young and old..It helps restore the protective barrier of the skin on body and face.This lotion contains 3 essential ceramides and also hyaluronic acid.This large 473ml bottle lasts such a long time and I use it everywhere.It does struggle with my really dry patches and I find I have to use it a few more times during the day at those places.The pump action on the bottle is easy to use with no clogging or blockages.Gentle enough to use as many times as you need.I even put it in my bag for a reapply at work if needed.I’m very happy with this item and recommend it to everyone even if you don’t have dry skin as it’s such a great moisturiser 💙
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