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Moisturised Master
10/02/23-16:32 (edited)
SA Smoothing Body Cream

SA Smoothing Body Cream

I was lucky enough to be sent this to test & review. Here’s what I thought. Product claims👇🏼 🔹alleviates tough & bumpy skin texture 🔹protects skins’s natural skin barrier 🔹gently exfoliates 🔹smoother, softer skin 🔹fragrance free, non irritating & non comedogenic 🔹suitable for skin prone to Keratosis Pilatris  Powerhouse Ingredients👇🏼 🔹salicylic acid & urea 🔹3 essential ceramides 🔹niacinamide  My thoughts👇🏼 The tube is a good size for a body moisturiser. I tend to apply all over the body after a shower so this size allows for a decent amount of full body applications without it running out too quickly or, it being left open for too long and the properties /ingredients weakening. The texture is nice for the body, it is thick enough for the intended area it’s being applied yet light enough to absorb quickly without having to wait to dress. It feels dry to the touch quite quickly. It is also fragrance free so good for those with sensitivities. I used this all over but in relation to the target areas - knees, lower legs, heels I noticed a marked improvement after around 2 weeks. My skin generally was left feeling softer, smoother and less scaly so I did find the exfoliating claims were working. I did also have a patch of slightly bumpy skin which initially I didn’t think changed. However, with prolonged use I did notice it flatten & now it is barely visible.  I enjoyed this product and felt that it delivered some good results. I would buy again once this runs out. Thank you @ceraveuki and the CeraVe community for letting me try this product ğŸ’™
SA Smoothing Cream Tube