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Testing the blemish control gel

Testing the blemish control gel

My holy grailBlemish control gel Contains 2% salicylic acid , niacinamide and 3 essential ceramides -targets blemishes and blackheads while maintaining the skins natural barrier WOW firstly thank you so much cerave for the opportunity to test this product as ive suffered with my skin for ever my main concerns are blackheads and blemishes and this gel has done absolute wonders for my skin my blackheads and blemishes have cleared up so much especially the ones on my nose ,I noticed a difference from the second-third application I have been using this alongside the blemish control cleanser and the cerave pm spf Moisturiser and so far my skin is looking so much better My thoughts- So I really like the gel it's a great consistency , it absorbs into my skin so well my skin feels so so soft after using it just feels amazing I can't wait to see how well my skin looks after another week or two I highly recommend this product its absolutely amazing Just a reminder you must use spf protection in the daytime as this is a product to use at night Unfortunately I have no pics of my skin before using but this is my holy grail I definitely recommend
Blemish Control Gel