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04/25/24-21:07 (edited)

Blemish Control

Definitely DONT EVER pick your pimples or scars because that can lead to scars beneath the skin that will be visible even when the surface layer of skin has healed. Cleanse skin 2x daily morning and evening (I use Cerave Blemish control cleanser and it has worked wonders!). Then to reduce the visibility of blemishes and to even out skin tone use a toner after cleansing in the mornings and evenings. Finally, use a moisturiser and sunscreen that works for your skin (I have oily skin so I use a non greasy 2 in one moisturiser and spf 50 sunscreen). All of these steps will definitely help to deal with blemishes and I repeat, DONT EVER PICK YOUR FACE. PS: I have never bought the blemish control gel but I would definitely try it after all the positive reviews that I am seeing everywhere.
Blemish Control Cleanser