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Blemishes and blackheads
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Blemishes and blackheads

I've suffered with blemishes and blackheads since my early teens ive always had combination skin ive bever been happy with how my skin looks ive tried so so many different face washes , scrubs , masks you name it ive tried it and nothing has ever really worked its either made my skin worse or irritated my skin or just had no effect what so ever ive wasted so much money on rubbish products that don't work ,until I've recently started using the cerave blemish control range I use the blemish control cleanser and the blemish control gel and since ive started using them my skin is looking so so much better with no irritation I'm actually starting to feel happier in my skin I used to look in the mirror and absolutely hate how my face looked because of my blackheads and blemishes, i hated how makeup looked so I never bothered I honestly wish I had pictures of my skin a month ago compared to now
Blemishes and blackheads
Blemish Control Cleanser
Blemish Control Gel