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Moisturised Master

Cleanser is a game changer for me

I first discovered ceraVe in my local chemist. At the time it was a desperate purchase whilst picking up some meds. I had run out my usual Avene and couldn’t get to a large store to buy more. Omg! Was it a blessing. Recent years my skin has become dry, sensitive, large pores, roasacea, all the usual that comes with menopause. I had been stuck using the same cleanser for too long I think. The hydrating ceraVe is lovely. Feel like my skin feels cleaner than ever before and not feeling like my face is dried out and burning. Have been using for several Months now. Even my son says it’s helped his acne which I can see it has. I’m quite excited to start replacing my other products with ceraVe to see if even more benefits.