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Dry and Sensitive skin - hands
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Dry and Sensitive skin - hands

#dryandsensitiveskin Unfortunately, I struggle with both and they are certainly worse in winter. Particularly on my hands, I get dry skin that cracks and bleeds in the cold. I used to cover my hands of an evening in Vaseline and wear socks, just to give them a deep treatment and to help with the itchiness/pain caused by the cold and dryness. Luckily, I donโ€™t suffer as bad with this even in the worse of wintersโ€ฆ I still do this as a weekly treatment, but in between I use the hand cream which is certainly moisturising! I wear gloves a lot more and I wash my hands with my cleanser rather than always with soap as I find a lot of soaps can irritate my sensitive even more during the winter.
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