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Moisturised Master
12/01/23-08:11 (edited)

Dry flaky skin

In the winter months, my skin can become dry due to the lack of humidity in the air. I like to use hydrating cleanser. It is a gentle cleanser which is non foaming. It contains ceramides and hyaluronic acid which help to maintain the skin's natural barrier and so help my skin to maintain its moisture throughout the day without over-stripping it. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight either. It leaves my skin feeling refreshed. If my skin needs extra moisture during the day I like to use the moisturising lotion. This is lightweight whilst hydrating my skin and also helping to protect my skin's natural barrier. It also contains ceramides and hyularonic acid. This also contains MVE technology which helps to keep you hydrated for up to 24 hours!
Hydrating Cleanser
Moisturising Lotion