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Hydrating Cleanser Review

I was given this product by the Me and  Cerave community for free in exchange for a review. Cerave Hydrating Cleanser is described as a gentle non foaming cleanser for the face and body and suitable for normal to dry skin and it claims to be able to reduce traces of dirt.I tend to have very dry skin in the winter and other cleansers or facial washes seem to tighten the skin for me so I wanted something better.PackagingIt comes in a handy size 236ml plastic bottle and dispenses easily via a pump.Testing I used for 13 days. In the morning on the face and the body. I applied by mixing a little with water.During showering I used the cleanser on the arms and legs and then rinsed off ,mix with a little water to create a foaming effect. After using for a week my skin has felt more hydrated ,no noticeable smell.I didn't experience any irritation or reaction .In the evening I used it on my face and after rinsing off I applied the Cerave PM moisturising lotion.Ingredients Ceramides and hyaluronic acid to help lock in moisture.OpinionI think it's a great product and the best cleanser I have ever used and I can't think of any negatives. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone and it is a great addition to my skincare routine  and I would repurchase. My skin definitely felt more hydrated.
Hydrating Cleanser Review