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I would love to win this bundle

During my teenage and after pregnancy I had severe breakout and acne, initially I treated them with over the counter creams and face washes from supermarkets, this didn't help much then I finally got them treated by dermatologist.While treatment I was recommended to use CeraVe range as my skin was flaking and getting too dry. After all the heavy dose treatment finally my acne started reducing but the after effect of treatment was my very dry dull looking skin with acne spots left behind.Im so thankful to CeraVe range, firstly the gentle facewash and moisturizing cream(tub) which helped a lot to restore my skins moisture and calm down the flaky dry skin.Then I got fortunate to try the blemish control gel which is drastically improving my skins texture and fading my acne scars.My tip for acne and blackheads would be never poke them, keep hydrated and limit your sugar intake.
I would love to win this bundle