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Moisturised Master
08/05/24-13:52 (edited)

My everyday skincare routine

Skincare is a ritual to me that I really enjoy doing both morning and night. Granted the morning's can be slightly more rushed but I try to make sure I don't miss any steps and know my skin will thank me later! 1. Cleanse using foaming or oil cleanser to rid skin of any dirt and oils from overnight 2. Toner - depending on how my skin is feeling I may add in a toner. 3. Serum - again, I tend to have a bit of a skincare wardrobe, so I'll always use a serum hit which one I choose will depend on how my skin is feeling that day. If I'm feeling dehydrated I'll go for the Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid or if my skin is dull I might opt for the Skin Renewing Gel Oil. 4. Moisturiser - I like a lightweight cream for daytime due to my oily skin. If it has SPF it's a bonus! That's why the Facial Moisturising lotion with SPF would be an ideal addition. 5. Eye cream - definitely discovered as I've gotten older than eye cream is a necessity for tightening my loosening skin around the eyes. 6. SPF - if my moisturiser doesn't already contain SPF 50, I will then go ahead and apply a SPF 50 to keep my skin protected, all year. Sometimes this will be it for me for the day, I'll add some lip balm and be ready to go. Other days I'll continue on to makeup. Glowing, healthy looking skin brings me joy.
My everyday skincare routine
Foaming Cleanser
Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Serum
AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF30