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My skin story/journey
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My skin story/journey

#meandcerave I used to think I had to have a full face of makeup on to feel nice and cover up all my skin sins. I have over the years suffered with large pores leading to black heads, white heads, hormonal acne made worse by diet and stress, dehydrated skin and very dry skin and redness. Since finding and using CeraVe, I’m learning to accept the ups and downs, the breakouts with the breakthroughs. I’m learning more about what my skin likes and doesn’t, what helps my skin and what doesn’t and I’m hoping as I continue using CeraVe and continue educating myself and following this community that I can eventually reach a point where I can fully love my skin. This is me last weekend, wearing very little makeup, showing skin texture and visible pimples, but trying to embrace it, because even though my skin might not be where I want it to be, it’s better than it has been! I’ve tagged the products I currently own/use
My skin story/journey
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