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My skin story #meandcerave

This has quickly become my favourite foot cream, it is so smooth and hydrating, and actually feels like it absorbs deeply into the skin, unlike most other foot creams I’ve tried that just coat the foot and don’t hydrate the skin. I like to use a really thick layer in the bottom and sides of my feet and then put on socks to keep it in place whilst it does its magic. I’m a nurse, so over the years my feet have been punished with 8-12h shifts, without breaks, and not sitting down at all in that time, so as you can imagine it has created super dry, hardened skin on my heels and ball of foot, which has become a nightmare to remove, even with a natural volcanic rock. Since adding this into my routine it’s made a huge difference, not only in reducing the dryness, but also stopping them drying out between applications (which again did happen with other foot creams), the skin feels softer day by day, so am looking forward to seeing the long term effects of using this, as I continue to use on a daily or twice daily basis (if I use it twice, I put less on to make it last longer), but you don’t need much so the tube could last a long time. Another top quality product from CeraVe, highly recommend
My skin story #meandcerave
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