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Nadine Louise
Moisturised Master
04/10/24-00:42 (edited)

My top Tips for managing blemishes and blackheads

I started struggling with breakouts when I was around 14/15. It started off just a few spots here and there. I didn’t really refer to it as acne at this point; just your normal teenage spots. I remember my entire family telling me not to worry, that it was normal at my age and that it’d settle down as I get a bit older. Now In my mid 30s I still suffer with Acne, blemishes and blackheads. Here are a few of my top tips to improve things. 💙 1. Cleanse your skin every morning and every night. Don’t sleep in your makeup! 💙 2. Exfoliation, I exfolate twice a week, this is even for my skin and I can get dry skin. Avoid harsh face scrubs 💙 3. Keep skin hydrated. Use a good moistueriser CeraVe has some of the best! 💙 4. Focus on your gut health, Eat healthy. Eat more whole foods. Try to eat more fresh foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, lentils and grains plus fish and good quality meat 💙5. Have skin rest days. I give my skin a total rest from any make-up and active ingredients and use only hydrating products.
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