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Moisturised Master
04/12/24-21:34 (edited)

Pro tips for managing blemishes and blackheads!

I’ve always struggled with what seemed to be blackheads, but after educating myself on skincare, I realised that these were just sebaceous filaments and I just needed to cleanse my skin properly. After a couple of years, now I can share my tried and tested tips with you to avoid skin impurities. My top Cerave products would be Oil cleanser and Blemish control cleanser. 💚Always double cleanse 💚Ditch the makeup wipes 💚Incorporate BHA like salicylic acid into your routine. It cleans the walls of the pores resulting in no gunk/oil being trapped in the pores which can turn into pimples. AHA and BHA helps exfoliate the skin chemically meaning clearer looking skin. 💚Ditch the physical exfoliation 💚If you can’t tolerate salicylic acid then use it in a cleanser - much more gentle.  💚Use a moisturiser with niacinamide in it. Helps control sebum and appearance of pores.  💚Last but not least, always use SPF during the day. #meandcerave
Blemish Control Cleanser