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Restoring & Maintaining Skin Barrier through Winter
Moisturised Master

Restoring & Maintaining Skin Barrier through Winter

My top tip for restoring and maintaining your skin barrier during winter is to religiously follow a top quality skincare routine day and night and keep well hydrated. * Keeping well hydrated will help from the inside. Aim to drink at least 6 glasses of water a day. * Double cleansing is the best way to start your routine as this will ensure any products and pollutants are thoroughly removed before adding any more products. Use a hydrating cleanser if possible. * Apply a hydrating Serum as this will help lock in moisture. * Finish your face with a hydrating moisturiser to protect from both freezing winds and drying central heating. (Including SPF in the morning) * Use a hydrating face mask as least once a week * Dont forget to use your hydrating hand moisturiser too