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Moisturised Master
01/23/24-11:43 (edited)

Winter Skin Care #MeAndCeraVe!

I make sure to use hand creams after each hand wash as my hands get very dry and have cream in my bag when out and about. I also have lip balms or vaseline in my bag, another at home one upstairs beside my bed and another downstairs bathroom and one in my coat pocket and as soon as I feel dry lips no locking just apply the product to prevent chipped cracked lips and cold sores which I'm prone to. For body, I use lotions after each bath or after shaving. My kids have their ointment for after bath and use special bath soaps that are moisturising as they get dry itchy bumpy skin especially in winter and they also have vasiline or lib balm with them and I always remind them to use it and not lick lips when outside and they also have hand creams too #MeAndCeraVe!
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