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My Everyday Evening Routine

I suffer with psoriasis and although it isn’t on my face, it is still pretty dry. The hydrating cleanser is a MUST! A serum for repairs and then an eye cream and moisturiser to lock it all in!
Hydrating Cleanser
Resurfacing Retinol Serum
PM Facial Moisturising Lotion
What is your Skin Type?
What is your main Skin Concern?
Why do you use this routine?
It’s the best, most effective - yet simple - skincare routine for someone with dry skin.
In what order do you apply it?
cleanser, serum, eye cream, moisturiser
Tell us about how you apply the products to your skin
double cleanse, pat face dry with a clean towel, serum (pea-sized amount and I try to stay away from my eyes as they’re sensitive), after that’s set into my skin I use my ring finger to apply eye cream under my eyes with a tapping motion - bringing it up to the outer corners, moisturiser on the rest of my face and down my neck.
What skin benefits have you seen since using this routine?
Much less dryness, clearer skin, feels softer and has that “clean” feeling at the end of the routine that I love!