Skincare Routines
My skincare routine
Moisturised Master

My skincare routine

Cleanse, tone and then moisturise!
Hydrating Cleanser
AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF50
What is your Skin Type?
What is your main Skin Concern?
Blemishes & Blackheads
Why do you use this routine?
It keeps my breakouts at bay whilst keeping my skin hydrated! I find the fewer products the better for my skin as its very easy for it to become overloaded or react badly to new products. That's why I try to stick to what works!
In what order do you apply it?
Cleanser, then toner/exfoliant then moisturiser.
Tell us about how you apply the products to your skin
I wet my face well, lather up the cleanser and give it a good scrub for a few minutes - I find this making the most effective use of the cleanser.
What skin benefits have you seen since using this routine?
Less breakouts and blemishes.