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Do you need skincare advice? Our CeraVe Skin Experts are here to help! Whether you consider yourself a skincare newbie or feel you’re fairly clued up, no question is too big or small.

Elizabeth [See profile]
Skin Type: Dehydrated
Skin Concern: Ageing & Pigmentation
Favourite Product:

Jade [See profile]
Skin Type: Dry
Skin Concern: Ageing
Favourite Product: AM Facial Moisturising Lotion SPF 50

Emily [See profile]
Skin Type: Combination
Skin Concern: Dehydration
Favourite Product: Hydrating Foaming Oil Cleanser

We also have contributing Skin Experts, Kasey, May and Amna who can support. Please note, our Skin Experts are not a medical professionals therefore this advice cannot replace the advice of your GP, dermatologist or medical professional. If you have any concerns or have any skin conditions or are pregnant, please seek advice from your GP, dermatologist or healthcare professional.
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Skin Scholar
Hi experts, I go to the gym a few days a week and just today I've noticed my skin becoming sensitive right under my nose. When applying my skincare I could feel burning sensation and little red flat patches appeared. Would this be down to excess cleansing and skincare products? What's the best way to get around needing to cleanse more because of working out?
Moisturised Master
Hi guys I just have a question about retinol, I’ve just finished a bottle from a different brand and it was 0.5% retinol. I want to continue using retinol and I know there are two from CeraVe the Resurfacing Retinol and the Skin Renewing Retinol, I have oily/combination skin but going into winter I do get really dry around my cheeks. I’m also 34 and do think I should start using anti-ageing products also. So I just wanted to know which one I should go for?
Moisturised Master
I have oily/combination skin. What's best to tackle the oilyness and enlarged pores on nose. It's the one thing I can't seem to sort out. Any ideas are appreciated on what might help
Moisturised Master
What would be the steps/actions to take if your skin barrier is damaged?
Since the change of seasons and the colder weather I now have have red blotchy skin on both sides just by and below my nose. How should I best treat this please ?
Moisturised Master
Hi Team Experts. I am a big fan of all CeraVe products for long time. I have dry atopic skin and the products were so far so good. Until this morning when i put my facial cream as usual and all my skin start burning. I needed to wash it straight away as couldn’t stand the feeling. Do you think this could be just a one time thing? I am a bit scared to use it again now 😣
I'm 25 Male with fairly normal skin except my t zone which is oily. The pores on my nose are what I consider large and I want to make sure I don't attract any blackheads or my pores getting any larger. I am looking at buying either the Blemish control face cleanser or the foaming cleanser for normal to oily skin. I must admit my skin is in fairly good condition (as in rarely get spots or breakouts), however, I want to stay on top of blackhead prevention and keeping my pores clear, which is my main concern. Could someone please give me their recommendations on which of these two products would work best for my skin please.
Skin Scholar
10/22/23-14:46 (edited)
Still getting a little dry skin at the bridge of my nose and eye lids .What’s best to use x