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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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I use a thicker moisturiser, morning and night, in the winter to avoid dry chapped skin.
Moisturised Master
I’m Off for my Sunday morning walk shortly. Even though it’s 2 degrees, bitterly cold I will still be putting on my tinted spf 50. It’s my one product I can’t live without. Have sensitive skin but also trying to slow down wrinkle appearance. The hint of colour gives me a slight glow and covers imperfections too, saving on need for foundation which always seems to make me look cakey. I’m hoping cerave bring out a tinted spf 50 too. 🤞🏻🤞🏻until then, bring on the sunshine ☀️
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Would you like cerave to bring out a tinted spf
2 votes
Yes please I would use
No, I don’t feel the need
Winter sunshine
Moisturised Master
Here's my skin story: I have dry skin which is sensitive and ageing. CeraVe has helped me to keep my skin hydrated and soft. The fact that it is well tolerated by sensitive skin is why I chose this brand over others. I would highly recommend their products!
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Why do you use CeraVe products?
3 votes
to hydrate and moisturise my skin
to avoid nasty ingredients
to prevent dry skin
Hels d
I’ve tried numerous lotions and creams over the years but really struggling with my facial dryness ! My teenage daughter uses cerave so thing I may switch to see what all the fuss is about . Can’t wait to see the results :)
Last month I just moved back to the UK from a 3 years adventure in Asia. Once landed, my skin started to have all kinds of conditions from the winter dry :’((( BUT Cerave helped my skin to survive and stay hydrated! It’s my ultimate winter skincare brand!
I love to wash my face with 2 different face washes one with Salicylic Acid in and the medik8 face cleanse then a good moisturiser but I’m yet to find one that doesn’t make my face feel oily after but I’d love to try this one 
My skincare routine is cleanse with lotion, tone and moisturise twice daily. Usually that is enough. However winter routine needs a boost. I have started to add a serum, which seems to help. Body lotion I usually apply after showering, but again it needs a boost, so will be trying cerave.
I’m just not managing to beat the dry skin outbreak of cold weather and the drying of central heating this winter. Awful dry patches even with my usual favourite brand 😒