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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Moisturised Master
My habits are to really take care of my skin this year as I’m getting older and need to make sure it’s a priority! - use SPF and top up when necessary - double cleanse - moisturise my body - drink plenty of water - use satin pillow
In wintertime I love to use a glowing serum and a nice moisturiser together. :)
Fresh Face
For years I had numerous skin issues and I tried so many products without any success. I then came across cerave products and it changed my whole life. I no longer suffer with break outs and dry skin. It took persistence but after 30days of use my skin was amazing I wouldn't be without
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Moisturised Master
It’s so important to keep our bodies hydrated but also our skin! I have had dry skin for such a long time, and I’ve found a way to try and combat the dryness and that’s by moisturising straight after the shower! I love using the tub as it has so much product and lasts me a long time! This way my skin is soft and sucks up the moisturiser and keeps my body nourished all day! I also use the facial moisturiser with spf as it’s so important to not let the uv rays harm the skin
For years I struggled with my skin. Dry, itchy, spotty and blotchy. The winter and layers made it worse. Then I was finally diagnosed with Keratosis Pilaris and discovered Cerave. This has literally changed my life. I use this EVERYDAY. If I skip a day I notice by the evening. I carry a pot of the moisturiser in my bag, especially for the winter. We assume that we need more moisturiser in the summer but the winter can be just as harsh on your skin. If I had any advice it would be try Cerave, they will have something to suit your skin type. They are not just a generic, same old ingredients, cream. We all have different needs, and our skin is no different.
During tbe winter months conditions are harsh outside and with central heating inside our skin suffers. A rich moisturiser together with plenty of water to keep hydrated should help.
Fresh Face
I always use a sunscreen moisturizer during the day because it may be cold but the sun is still out. I use a petroleum based product on my lips to stop them chapping and a light face cream
Moisturised Master
#Win a CeraVe Moisturising Gift Bag. My tip to keep your skin barrier working is to keep applying a good moisturizer as often as you can,plus always use SPF. This moisturiser with SPF 30 seems lik a great option.💗💗