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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Fresh Face
My skin has completely changed since I got surgical menopause and no hormone therapy. I get some baby problems blemishes, dry, skin oily. I am at mu wits end
Ovarian cancer recurrence menopause skin
I use vasaline on my lips cheap as chipd and it works
I badly need to win this skin care creams as my skin is really bad in the colder months and these would help me no end
Nourished Novice
Being a new mum, I am keen to stick to my routine on a morning and an evening to ensure my skin glows even in these dull winter months. Using the Cerave products, it is not time consuming and they work wonders. I use them regularly in AM and PM and so far love its results...
Stick to a routine
Don't use water that is too hot and use any Cerave product you can get your hands on as they are fantastic!
Skin Scholar
02/02/24-08:33 (edited)
Keeping your skin moisturised should start when you’re in the shower or bath. Use the hydrating cleanser all over your body, or smoothing cleanser, both leaves, my skin, soft, smooth, and thoroughly hydrated. whilst my skin is still damp, I rub the moisturising lotion in, doing this seals in extra moisture which skin needs. I use the smoothing cream on dry areas, like elbows and heels and also bumpy areas like my arms. keeping yourself moisturised starts with keeping yourself hydrated, which means drinking plenty of fluids. Always remember to reapply cream to hands after washing them to keep cracks at bay. Following these simple tips will keep your body fully hydrated from top to toe.
Moisturising competition
Moisturised Master
A thick rich creamy moisturiser really helps in the winter, and remember to still apply spf!
Fresh Face
Using massage bars under the shower changed my skin for the better. I'm one of those people that might not have the energy to shower AND moisturise so having both helps