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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Make sure u use a cream (face cream) as it’s thicker than lotions so it will last longer and would ve more Effective and use something like lip balm or petroleum jelly(Vaseline) for your lips so it’s doesn’t get dry and etc
CeraVe is soo nice on my skin!
Moisturised Master
Looking forward to trying new skincare , really struggling with dry skin around my nose near my eyes !
Night moisturising is just a important as day. Allow yourself a little extra time when going to bed and be nice to your skin. No need to bother so much with the body, but a definite for the face neck and those feet (so important) Try never to go to bed with makeup on your face. Just think of all the badness being created while you sleep. Urggggh.
Fresh Face
I have received this CeraVe spf30 from community for testing. It has light texture, doesn’t leave white marks, hydrating well. However, it is great only for days without makeup as on my face it does peeling when make up is applied. In my opinion it won’t be suitable for oily skin and it leaves a bit shiny layer.
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Anybody else tried it?
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Yes and it was great
Yes good but peeling under makeup
Good but…
Moisturised Master
I love Cerave products. I use cleansing gel, moisturizer and spf every day.
Jill young
Fresh Face
Hiya all So I’ve always had very dry skin and sensitive too,I can’t use perfume soaps or moisturiser,when I tried Cerave I’ve never looked back My top tip is to apply straight after shower while slightly damp as your pores are open from the shower,also do NOT rub your skin with the towel
Regular water intake , a rich vitamin c cleanser and serum and a good heavy moisturizer is my secret to keep my dry-sensitive-dulling winter skin alive , bright and shiny 🤍