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Skincare Chats

The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Fresh Face
26/01/24-14:28 (edited)
My first tip for would be to keep the face hydrated as much as possible. A face mist would help keep the face safe from brazen weather. The second tip is to moisturise. Moisturising would help lock your natural facial oils from drying out while acting as a barrier between your face and the harsh weather. Lastly, your serums should be your closest pals this winter
Fresh Face
My top tip for securing my moisture barrier in the unpredictable British winter-time would be to carefully layer my hydrating serums and moisturiser. Taking time to apply and allow each layer to dry secures your skin's moisture barrier and protects it from damage from the cold. I always use a moisturising serum with a thick moisturiser at night to give my skin a chance to recover from being exposed to the elements.
Layers, layers, layers.
Nourished Novice
26/01/24-13:32 (edited)
CeraVe is all you need …. Especially in these winter months … moisture, moisture, moisture and your usual skincare. Don’t forget your sunscreen…. Just as important. 🥰
Skin is so much drier in the winter, so it's important to keep it well moisturised, particularly hands and lips
Nourished Novice
Very important to keep up the barrier all year round but its more important during the winter! Keep a stock of your all time favourite moisturiser
Nourished Novice
26/01/24-11:58 (edited)
I make sure to use the foaming cleanser morning and night fore I apply serum and moisturiser. If I feel a bit more dry I use overnight moisture mask cream to get me feeling back to normal. I never leave the house without hand cream. Also try to make sure to have non caffeinated hot drinks too like herbal tea or decaf tea.
As I get older I am increasingly aware of my skin changing. As a lay person it is a minefield trying to ascertain what products might suit me the best & which have been scientifically researched
Fresh Face
I just need help im always getting skin problems it's mostly a rash a very itchy hot rash the only thing that helps is ICE otherwise I'm scratching the living daylights out of it.