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The hub for all things skincare! From routine recommendations to tips on how best to apply a product, this is the perfect place to share and find advice on CeraVe and skincare as a whole.
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Nourished Novice
My skincare routine is cleanser, moisturiser and serum. I would love to test the spf moisturiser because be weather is getting warmer and it will protect my skin from the sun.
Moisturised Master
I am prone to spots and have found the cerave breakout products are the only ones that work for my skin. At the moment I don’t use any form of moisturiser. I would love to try this to see if it will benefit my usual routine of cleansing and using the gels.
Moisturised Master
My strpsin my morning routine. Fully cleanse my face so it is fresh and hydrated. I then apply a toner so my face is clear and glowing. Then serum & wait 5 mins & apply my face & eye cream. I'd love to add this moisture face cream into my routine as it contains a spf & i believe it'll help improve my skins texture.
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Skin Scholar
I start my day with cerave smoothing cleanser for the perfect clean.I then follow with the hydrating serum to seal in moisture.My next step is the moisturing lotion.I just need the cerave spf now to finish off and protect my skin full.I have not tried the cerave am spf yet and would be delighted to be chosen
Spf competition
Fresh Face
These products looks ideal. I've never tried an SPF moisturiser from Cerave, however, reading the product info it would certainly help me remember the SPF in my daily routine!
Always Forget the SPF!
My skin needs all the help it can get now I am 60 and menopausal. I find my skin is dry and lacks the glow it used to have.
Moisturised Master
My ultimate tip to keep skin clear from breakouts is. Cleansing thoroughly day & evening. This helps my skin & exfoliate your skin twice a week too & of course for me its drinking plenty water. Also don't forget the serum & moisturiser
I work outside all day long everyday so my skin is subject to everything the weather throws at it - too much sun, too much rain, too much wind and too much salty seaside air! My morning routine has to be quick as I'm up and out the house pretty early and so I don't have time to be too fussy... I think this moisturiser with SPF would really help me to CUT OUT a STEP, yippee! I cleanse with Cerave cleanser - love the pump action on the dispenser, super quick and easy to cleanse. I've given up serum for now as the weather warms up. Then I apply a gentle moisturiser - at the moment I'm using Sond as experimenting with gentle products.... BUT it doesn't have any SPF in it so that means an additional product.... and I alternate between The Ordinary SPF and La Roche Posay (SPF 50) for those extra sunny/windy/salty days. I'd just LOVE to find a reliable moisturiser that soothes my red and wind-chafed skin that has BUILT-IN SPF to save me the FAFF of so many steps and to help me on my path to a RESTORED SKIN BARRIER - cos that's what we all want, am I right?
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Anyone else after a RESTORED SKIN BARRIER from the great skin gods in the sky?! What recommendations would you SHARE with this skincare newbie?
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You betcha!
Yep... and I can recommend...